Case Study: Nina Mercie

From panicking to prospering

The Background

Nina came to us as a high performance coach struggling to truly find her niche and dial in an offer that sells like crazy. Nina had a strong referral base which kept her afloat, but she struggled with predictability.

Nina was severely undercharging for her programs which ultimately led to the attraction of prospects who wanted to take her up on her free offers, but had a hard time seeing the value in her paid ones.

The Results

An increase in her price and value offering led to Nina making more money per client than she ever dreamed of.

Dialed in niche + Predictable lead generation + Dialed in offer = Heart 2 High Performance Primed, Proven and ready for takeoff!

The Process

Through the Automated Coaching Engine, Nina was able to clearly define her dream niche. That niche translated to a dialed in outreach process that filled up her calendar.

Next was her offer. We tested Nina’s story of not truly being able to charge her worth because she “didn’t have enough clients yet.”

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