Case Study: Kevin Kroeker

From Posting Randomly During Scarce Free Time to a Dialed in Lead Generation System

The Background

Kevin Kroeker was a full-time tradesman looking to replace his full-time income with his fitness business. After having his own insane fitness transformation he decided to go on a journey to help others accomplish the same results.

When Kevin launched his fitness business, he began posting on Facebook with no real strategy in mind. Gaining some traction and even getting a couple of clients he knew he was capable of more.

The Results

Kevin now has a lead generation system that runs whether he is at work or having fun with his family, and getting consistent appointments on his calendar with highly qualified prospects.

Kevin’s goal is to not be swamped handling actions inside of his business all day. His goal was to provide the coaching while the “business & systems” were handled by others with expertise making our partnership a perfect match.

The Process

When Kevin partnered up with us and the Automated Coaching Engine the main goal at hand was to streamline a lead generation process that would run with our without Kevin’s own power. A way he could capture, nurture, and close his leads.

The Automated Coaching Engine’s omnipresence strategy combined with its value-driven approach allowed Kevin to create the faucet of leads he was looking for. The best was he didn’t even have to run it himself.

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