Case Study: Julius Brown III

$15k Rev in Less Than 30 Days

The Background

Julius came to us as a struggling coach, looking for a program that was going to finally work for him.

Before, he was just course-hopping looking for the next best idea. Shiny object syndrome to the max! He had tried a bunch of different courses that just teach methods on marketing to get clients. Nothing practical or relevant in this day and age.

The Results

Julius now is able to save even more time to now focus on CEO tasks and growing his business.

In just a few short months, Julius went from struggling at $3,000 per month and has now sent us this video mentioning $15,000 in 30 days!

The Process

His biggest struggle was knowing exactly WHAT to do and also WHEN to do it. In the beginning, making the proper SOPs were the biggest challenge for him – we brought in one of our highly-trained Virtual Assistants that was able to help him automate his processes and document them with SOPs.

This immensely helped him and his team become more efficient and effective with tasks. His Virtual Assistant performed so well that they quickly became an account manager for his clients.

“Hands down one of the best programs I’ve ever gone through.”

“I’m not even kidding these strategies worked from day one.”


“Hands down, everyone needs this system.”

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