Case Study: Josh Mcquaig

From Ideation to a 2 Week Trip to Bolivia Stress-Free

The Background

Josh and Mike over at TopShotPro Marketing came to us already crushing it in the Real Estate Marketing niche. Tons of clients, tons of testimonials, and all the deliverables necessary for a million dollar business.

However, the TopShotPro team was very much involved in both the front end and back end of the business. Following up with leads, booking appointments with leads, reminding leads about appointments, collecting payment, handling deliverables, and customer experience we’re all in the hands of Mike & Josh.

The Results

A fully built automated system from client acquisition to client fulfillment. One 2 week trip to Bolivia and dozens of happy clients later.

The Process

TopShotPro needed a system that put them in a position to process the millions of dollars of revenue they had in their vision. Something that wouldn’t rely on man power to get the job done, but something that would operate even while Mike was on a 2 week trip to Bolivia (yes that was actually able to happen.)

We dove into every piece of their process. Acquiring a client, servicing a client and everything else in between and the results speak for themselves.

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