Case Study: Joe Johnston

From struggling with Lead Gen, Offer not converting to appointments appearing on his calendar without lifting a finger. Offer so good, someone literally said it was a no-brainer.

The Background

Joe was a referral from one of our other clients who is also in the coaching space with Joe. His friend had already been working with us for over 6 months when Joe came to us, so he was super coachable as his friend experienced a 5x increase in business in 6 months of working with us, so Joe wanted to experience the same, if not better results.

Joe’s main points holding him back was he had no way to generate a consistent flow of leads, and in the event he actually got someone on a sales call he couldn’t get them to convert. The funny thing was, his buddy was in the same position 6 months prior, and because we got him out of his rut, Joe had the trust that we could help him as well.

The Results

Joe is now able to focus on the things that really motivate him and drive him to continue to grow his business, coaching his clients. Most importantly Joe doesn’t have to stress about a roller coaster in revenue each month because not only does he have a faucet of bookings appearing in his calendar, but he also has his offer dialed in and is converting at 52%!

The Process

We wasted no time by giving Joe all of our ready-to-go plug-and-play funnels as well as the email, sms, and voicemail campaigns to go alongside of it. At this point we just had to fill the missing pieces by getting some digital assets created to make his funnel connect with his brand.

Now the lead generation problem is fixed, so onto the next task. The Offer. While uncovering Joe’s offer we discovered that his offer provided a great deal of value, but he just wasn't presenting it right. So we adjusted his core offer, added 2 bonuses & a guarantee, and tied it all together with a bit of scarcity & urgency, but best of all, we doubled the price!

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