Case Study: Jay Piggin

Delegation Station

The Background

Jay Piggin is a World Known Coach, Athlete, and Multiple 8 Figure Business Owner. Jay’s business, Jay Piggin Coaching had a unique way of generating leads but it involved a team full of sales reps that didn’t even have the time to follow up let alone track the responses of the conversations of the leads.

Jay needed help systemizing his process. He needed someone to respond to his incoming emails, and respond to his Facebook Messages. But not just respond, he needed them to set up the appointments for his sales team to then take the calls with the hot leads.

The Results

Jay now has a VA who responds to all of his emails and Facebook messages. She also qualifies the leads to make sure they are a good fit before setting the appointment with the sales rep. She also uses a custom CRM pipeline to follow up with the non-responsive leads. After the leads go unresponsive for 7 days they opt into a 1-year long nurture campaign.

The Process

Jay realized that VAs can handle a lot of his teams day to days tasks at hand so his team can focus on the important tasks that move the needle in the business.

He has been very pleased with the addition to his team and the value they provide for his mission.

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