Case Study: AlterCall

$20k+ in less than 24 hours

The Background

Ryan Blair is a life coach based out of CA, who most recently sold his previous company for $800million. He was now trying to dial in his next business systems while dealing with a completely different market.

Ryan came to us through a referral from one of our current clients who was doing $80k/month – he was incredibly talented and very passionate about helping others, and we could tell he had a lot of potentials, but the biggest issue was his focus with executing in the right areas.

Being that Ryan was eager to match his past companies’ success, he tried to launch his businesses without really knowing how to convert his audience into paid customers. After a few attempts of putting out social media content and running Facebook Ads, it became way too expensive to the point where Ryan was losing not only money but also time.

The Results

Ryan quickly saw his system turn into a faucet of leads where he could put $1 in and get $7+ back! From struggling to get a grasp on lead gen to packed webinars in 3 months and here he is generating over $20,000 in 1 webinar.

Ryan has now focused on delivering results for his clients while using our systems, processes, scripts, proven outreach channels, and lead generation specialist to continue to bring him new leads for his business.

The Process

After breaking down Ryan’s process, we identified that his business needed systems and processes to give him a clear way to convert his leads into paying customers.

Once we narrowed down Ryan’s offer and who he was serving, we then systemized the back-end and allowed him and his new fully trained lead generation specialist to focus on generating more leads.

After implementing Ryan’s new system, we quickly noticed an increase in webinar attendees. He went from 100 attendees to having 500-700 people show up for his live webinars every week!

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